Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, it's official...just thought ya'll should know...

Everyone I know is pregnant...seriously...everyone.

Mary's sister is pregnant with her third child, my sister in law is pregnant with her third child, Katie, my best friend from high school is pregnant with her FIRST and her two best friends from child hood are pregnant with their second child. Also, two girls that I went to grad school are pregnant...there must be something in the water.

Katie and I became best friends in high school...although not upon immediate meeting. She moved to Germany when we were in the 10th grade and by the end of the year we had become pretty good friends. We both played soccer ( I know..seriously) and I will never forget being at a fundraiser with her when she grabbed half of my McDonalds sandwich and said "sharing is the best diet you know" since then I can't remember us not being best friends. Our Senior year was monumental...we just didnt fit in with everyone else...we pretty much did our own thing. We each had 1st period free so we would go to a kickboxing class first thing in the morning and get back just in time for our AP English's to you Mr. Todd... and Ash Wednesday. I love that girl. I have such fond memories of tuna sandwiches and reduced fat mac and cheese...fights over butter on my birthday...tears in the hallway in front of Frau Pope's room...and crazy late nights at the NCO club...what were we thinking? All I know is I will never hear country music without thinking of Katie. Being states away totally stinks but it has done nothing to our friendship. All that being said...she's going to be a Mom and I'm so happy for happy for her and Russ and so proud of the amazing woman that she continues to be every day. I love you Katie and I can't wait to see that beautiful blueberry!
Me and Katie back in they day in the Media Center...don't call it a library
Graduation 2000...eight years ago...I feel old.


Anonymous said...

um...seriously everyone you know?? well, Harry and I are not preggers so thats two... anyway love the old pix of you

Courtney's World said...

Gosh. Look at that mean face on Jen in the background. Lol.